I mentioned the holy calling of women in the eyes of the Bible to be joyful and fulfilled wives and mothers, and that was illustrated to me in a note that Mack Tomlinson had sent me. It was a delightful description of how Esther Edwards, one of the daughters of Jonathan Edwards, recording in her diary how out of the blue she received a proposal of marriage from Aaron Burr the Principal of Princeton College when he visited them in Stockbridge, Massachusetts in 1752. They were married for just five years when he died aged 41. She died the following year (1758) aged 26, leaving two children. She had recorded in her diary the day he proposed to her, never having previously having given the least suggestion that he was in love with her.

“This has just happened to me . . . Mr. Burr, President of New Jersey College, had often visited our house for many years, both in Northampton and Stockbridge. As a little girl I had romped with him and sat on his lap. This particular morning I rose to take an early breakfast intending to start for home again (betimes on horseback for the Hudson). But it was my week to care for the table. I had spread the breakfast for Aaron Burr, no other member of the household having yet arisen. The cloth was as white as snow, for I had taken out a fresh one with its clean smell for the occasion, and there was not a crease in it; the room was full of the aroma of freshly made tea… The newly churned butter was as yellow as gold… Mr. Burr partook with the greatest relish, keeping up a current of gracious speech every moment. He finally fixed his flashing eyes upon me, as I sat rapt and listening at the other end of the table, and abruptly said: “Esther Edwards, last night I made bold to ask your honoured father, if I could gain your consent, then my desire is to take you as Mrs. Burr to come to my Newark bachelor quarters and help convert them into a Christian home. What say you?”

“Of course, although from my early girlhood, Mr Burr had treated me with favour, I was wholly unprepared for this sudden speech, and I blushed to my ears and looked down; and stammered out, as we are taught to say here: “If it please the Lord!” Though when we came to separate, I could not help playfully saying: “Was it the loaves and fishes, Mr. Burr?” He laughed and kissed me for the first time.” 

What a lovely innocent picture of Christian romantic love.

(this was from one of the missals of Pastor Geoff Thomas; this one sent on May 1st, 2022)