Sometime in the Summer of 1970, “Prof” Howard Hendricks spoke to a group of students from Campus Crusade for Christ.  He spoke on motivation and his lecture was recorded.  

A 13-year-old boy listened to the recording of that lecture over and over again.  In fact, he memorized it and applied it to his ministry for years.  He later became a student of Dr. Howard Hendricks at DTS.  Imagine his delight when, more than 40 years later, the cassette tape (for those of us who remember what those were) was found in his mother’s belongings.  Even better, he now has the ability to share the lecture that was instrumental in his ministry success over the years. 

My friend had the tape remastered and made into a digital copy.  He sent it to me with the idea that Hendricks’ lecture might prove helpful for my ministry.  I listened to what to the Prof who taught at DTS for more than 60 years had to say about motivation back in 1970.  Then I listened to it again.  My friend was spot-on right! 

How could it be so simple that one lecure could rock my thinking?  How could we be missing it today?  I listened again.  Nine things.  Nine, simple things.  Amazing!  

Hendricks looks at what really motivates a person within the Christian life.  If you are in any position of leadership, or you want to faithfully follow the teaching of Jesus and be a disciple that makes disciples, you really need to listen to Hendricks’ lecture.  I mean it. 

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Dr. Howard Hendricks on Motivation

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