January 5, 2016


“I can appeal to God, that I have no design in the least to maintain a Party, or to keep up any Schismatical Faction, my Heart rises up against the Thoughts of it, I hate dividing Principles and Practices, and for whatever others are, I am for Peace and Healing, and if my Blood would be sufficient Balsam, I would gladly part with the last Drop of it, for closing up of the bleeding Wounds of Differences that are among true Christians; Peace is such a precious Jewel, that I would give anything for it but Truth: Those who are hot and bitter in their Contendings for or against little Things, and zealous in keeping up Names of Division and maintaining Parties, are of a Spirit which I understand not, let not my Soul come into their Secret.”

Matthew Henry, quoted in An Account of the Life and Death of Mr. Matthew Henry, Minister of the Gospel at Hackney: The Bible in Pater Noster Row. London, 1716,