If you are looking for a church home, the answers you receive to questions like these may help guide you to a particular church where God wants you. As in all things, you don’t have because you don’t ask!


1. ASK WISELY. Talk to the pastor, if at all possible. If not, then ask another staff member.

2. ASK PERSONALLY. Visit or call him. Do not mail, email or fax these questions. 

3. ASK COURTEOUSLY. Do not “grill” the pastor or ask aggressively.

4. ASK SELECTIVELY. Do not ask all these questions at one time. The more serious you become about membership, the more appropriate it becomes to ask additional questions later.


(These questions are not necessarily listed in the order of significance. Some of them may not be important to you. You may want to add other questions of your own. Realize that you may not be able to find a church near you which can answer your questions satisfactorily. However, the Lord does want you to find a church home where you can grow in His grace and holiness and overall usefulness to Him. Unless you are a widow or single mother, the husband, as head of the home,  should take the initiative and ask the questions. )

1. How is a person made right with God?  (What is the gospel? When do you preach the gospel?)

2. What is your position on the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture?

3. Do you believe Genesis 1-11 is factual, symbolic, mythical or something else?

4. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven?

5. What is your position on the issue called “Lordship Salvation”?  (Do you believe a person can take Christ as his/her Savior without taking Him as Lord?

6. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God the Son and was born of a virgin?

7. Do you believe in a literal hell?  (If so, who will go there?)

8. What is your position on the ordination of woman for positions of church leadership?

9. How do you deal with a young child who says he or she want to be saved?

10. How do you combat “cheap grace” and “easy believism”?

11. What are your views regarding divorce and remarriage?

12. What is your position on the charismatic/pentecostal movement?

13. How has the church handled cases of scandal or immorality by church member?  Leaders?

14. What do you teach about the family?  About male headship?  About the discipline of children?

15. Have there been any splits in the church and have any pastors been asked to leave?

16. What have been the high points or the best things in this church in the last five years?

17. What are the greatest strengths of this church?  What are its greatest needs or weaknesses?

18. How do you foster the spiritual growth of individuals and families in your church?

19. What are the goals and the ‘philosophy of ministry’ of your church?

20. Would you mind telling me about your personal devotional life and your favorite authors?

21. What controls your practice of worship? (Scripture, tradition, preference, evangelism, other?)

22. What is the doctrinal statement of the church and may I have a copy?  (NOTE: Be very cautious if the church has no doctrinal statement or cannot find a copy!)

23. Does the church have a constitution and by-laws?  May I have a copy?  Does the church regularly follow the constitution and abide by it?

24. Where do you stand on the questions of abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality? 

25. How do you differentiate between ‘Christian counseling’, ‘biblical counseling’ and psychology?

[Adapted from Don Whitney, LOOKING FOR A CHURCH HOME; Copyright 2000]