Ichabod Spencer, A PASTOR’S SKETCHES; Solid Ground   Christian Books; 2 volumes in 1; available in paperback and hardback volumes.

Ichabod Spencer is not a household name among Christians. (Even the first name of “Ichabod” ushers up memories of Washington Irving’s short story, THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN and the hapless school teacher, Ichabod Crane.) But it would be a huge mistake to ignore this book or leave it lying around the house unread. For it is a great gift to pastors, parents, student ministries, military ministries and those Christians who seek to be faithful in their witness to the lost and dying all around us.

A brief history of Ichabod Spencer                                                   He would converted and educated as a young man in upstate New York. He was offered the presidency of the University of Alabama and Hamilton College but turned them down because he sensed God was calling him to the gospel ministry. He had an anointed pastorate (over 250 conversion in four years of ministry) in Northampton, Massachusetts (the very church Jonathan Edwards once pastored). He wore himself out in his Northampton pastorate and after some rest would later pastor in Brooklyn, New York. His faithful and fruitful ministry there would earn him the nickname THE BUNYAN OF BROOKLYN (the same title of his biography also published by Solid Ground Christian Books). His funeral sermon was preached by the noted Presbyterian pastor, Gardiner Spring.

What is so great about Spencer’s A PASTOR’S SKETCHES?       One of his obvious gifts was speaking to people about Christ and their need of salvation. These combined volumes contain 77 sketches of conversations he had with different people from all walks of life and spiritual conditions and how he was able to take the conversation to Christ and the gospel. Not every person he spoke with in these sketches became a believer. But many did. And he shows time after time how to turn the conversation to Christ and how the gospel has the answer to mankind’s problems.

Special features of the hardback edition                                                                                   This book, in the hardback edition, contains two most helpful indices: one with a brief description of each sketch and another a comprehensive Subject Index. What’s more there are sixteen “Short Sermons” in the back which are one page tracts really–the gospel in short space.

Who should own and carefully use this volume ?                                                       (1) Pastors who want to speak more effectively about Christ and the gospel                       in evangelistic and counseling situations.

(2) Parents, especially of teenagers, who want to have a great tool for family devotions that is Christ centered, gospel drives and speaking to the
questions of life that teenagers invariably have. It definitely keeps your attention.

(3) Those involved in campus ministries and military chaplaincies. Time after time Spencer interacts  with people whose problems, predicaments and questions are timeless.

(4) Church libraries and Bible College and Seminary libraries should have two copies of this book because it will get read by those wishing to speak for Christ.

Who else thinks this book is great?                                                This book has been in reprint since 2001 and has rave recommendations from the likes of pastor/evangelist Peter Jeffery, Professor Tom Nettles, apologist James White, pastor/theologian Joel Beeke, pastor Geoff Thomas, missionary David Vaughn, African pastor Conrad Mbewe and others.

Thank you Solid Ground for rescuing this gem from the dustbin of the past and making it an even more valuable tool for believers today.

May God give us grace to prayerfully use this great, great tool!

Your Book Servant,

Pastor Steve Martin
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